Microbiological Resource Banks are essential infrastructures to preserve and manage the provision of microbiological resources, to guarantee the preservation of microbial biodiversity and to successfully deliver benefits for Research, Development and Innovation in different scientific fields. The Facultad de Ingeniería y Ciencias of Universidad de La Frontera is a pioneer in the Central-South Zone of Chile in microbial long-term conservation. We have a large experience in this field of knowledge and have advisory positions at the Executive Committee of the Latin American Federation of Culture Collections-FELACC and at the World Federation for Culture Collections-WFCC. In addition, we are the contact point in Chile for the European Microbial Resource Research Infrastructure (MIRRI) and we have been the proponents, for the first time in Chile, for the establishment of a National Network of Microbial Culture Collections. In order to guarantee the perpetuation of the microbial resources isolated from different substrates, the mRB-UFRO carries out research to apply appropriate methods for the long-term preservation of microbial strains obtained and used in the different scientific projects and university pedagogical activities. Once preserved, the strains are available in an open catalogue for research and teaching, through the request of national and foreign researchers and academic staff, in accordance with current national and international legislation.

Strains Catalogue

The microbial long-term preservation is available as a service at the mRB-UFRO. Please, contact us for more information: brmb-ufro@ufrontera.cl (+56) 45 259 6726.
Important notes:
  • The mRB-UFRO does not carry out work on strains with a biological risk higher than “Class 2”.
  • Clients are responsible for the proper maintenance, handling and use of strains obtained from mRB-UFRO.
  • The mRB-UFRO is not responsible for any damage or loss resulting from the improper use or storage of the acquired strains.

Strain deposit and request forms:

Responsability Certificate Request

Public strain deposit

Restricted strain deposit

Strain request form